Chemical Futures and Environmental Data Justice


  • Michelle Murphy University of Toronto


Author Biography

Michelle Murphy, University of Toronto

Michelle Murphy is a technoscience studies scholar and historian of the recent past whose research concerns decolonial approaches to environmental justice; reproductive justice; Indigenous science and technology studies; infrastructures and data studies; race and science; and finance and economic practices. Murphy's current research focuses on the relationships between pollution, colonialism, and technoscience on the lower Great Lakes. Murphy is a tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Science and Technology Studies and Environmental Data Justice, as well as Co-Director of the Technoscience Research Unit, which hosts a lab and is a home for social justice and decolonial approaches to science and technology studies. She is Métis from Winnipeg, from a mixed Métis and French Canadian family.



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Murphy, M. (2022). Chemical Futures and Environmental Data Justice. UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies, 21, 45–48.



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