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Hubris in a Time of Environmental Change



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Usha Natarajan, American University in Cairo

Usha Natarajan (Ph.D., MA, LL.B., BA) is Edward W. Said Fellow at Columbia University, International Schulich Visiting Scholar at Dalhousie University, Global South Visiting Scholar at the University of British Columbia, and Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Her research is interdisciplinary, utilizing postcolonial and Third World approaches to international law to provide an interrelated understanding of the relationship between international law and issues of development, migration, environment, and conflict. Natarajan’s research is recognized by several international awards and grants for international environmental law, migration and refugee law, and postcolonialism. She is widely published and serves on several editorial and advisory boards on these subjects. Natarajan was tenured at the American University in Cairo as Associate Professor of International Law and Associate Director of the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies. Prior to that she worked with the United Nations and its agencies in Asia and the Pacific, including with UNDP, UNESCO, and the World Bank. She is based in Amman, Jordan.




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Natarajan, U. (2022). Law & Critique: Hubris in a Time of Environmental Change. UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies, 21, 43–44.



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