from the dust of their elder's bones


  • Tina Garnett York University



Black & Native Studies


can you see me from behind your degrees
earned within the neo-liberal political science discourse,
earning letters after your name designating you as the expert on me...

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Author Biography

Tina Garnett, York University

With close to two decades of developing social justice programs and equity based communities, I have solidified the hypothesis that intersectionality of race and gender impacts sexual assault victims and the healing services provided. As the co-founder of a northern rural Indigenous community based youth organization, we led the way in ground breaking work for sexually exploited youth. It was this cutting edge work that led the way for future anti-racist:anti-oppression work.  My work with sexual assault survivors solidified my commitment to equity, work. I am currently completely my master’s degree, in Environmental Studies.




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Garnett, T. (2017). from the dust of their elder’s bones. UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies, 20, 14–15.