Laying More Pipe


  • Joel Weishaus



With pick and shovel, find the broken
cast iron pipe, pry out old lead,
knock off rusty joints.
20’ of 4” 40-schedule ABS sawed
and coupled with rubber collars
with stainless steel braces,
joined to pipe at next stream
crossing, joined to terra cotta
pipe under tea house
site, joined to three lengths iron
pipe cut three poems ago.
1 lb brick of dull lead melted
in a pan becomes silver liquid
poured into iron bell-collars.
Black cement smeared over all
connections is a waterproof coating.
Taps turned and draining,
toilets flushed...
Give it all back.



How to Cite

Weishaus, J. (2014). Laying More Pipe. UnderCurrents: Journal of Critical Environmental Studies, 18, 1.