Call for Submissions - Vol. 21: Memories and Futurities - Deadline Extended to April 1, 2017


UnderCurrents - Journal of Critical Environmental Studies
Call for Submissions

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Memories can be personal, collective, historic, generational, intergenerational, multigenerational, etc. Memories affect, solidify, dissolve, and (de/re)construct identities, and they can provide direction for challenging, dismantling, and uprooting colonial, sexual, racial, environmental, and ecological violence, trauma, oppression, and dominance. Therefore, memories can connect to actions and movements that imagine, prefigure, and celebrate transformative futures, such as Black Lives Matter-Toronto’s tent city and the occupation of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada offices by Indigenous activists. Volume 21 of UnderCurrents seeks to explore such interweavings of “Memories and Futurities.”

UnderCurrents is interested in featuring both creative and scholarly work, including essays, poetry, photographs, visual submissions, video, audio, mixed formats, and more. All are welcome to apply. We especially encourage submissions from applicants who are Indigenous, Black, people of color, women, LGBTQ2+, people with disabilities, poor, and/or otherwise on the margins.

Possible perspectives, themes, and intersections include, but are by no means limited to:

•Personal, Collective, Historic, Generational, Intergenerational, Multigenerational, etc.
•Archives and Records – Production and Institutionalization of Memory
•Ecological Memories, Changing Environments in our Lifetime (coastal, wilderness, parks, forests, etc.), and Climate Change
•Genetic Memory; Embodied Memory
•Hidden, Disappeared, and Marginalized Histories and Memories
•Identity (Formation), Representation, and Resilience
•Impacts of Colonialism, Imperialism, Displacement, Migration, Diaspora, etc.
•Life History
•Positionality; Situated Knowledge, Personality (Character, Temperament)
•Remembering and Forgetting
•Species Memories (animals, plants, local, foreign, etc.)
•Trauma: Sexual, Racial, Colonial, Environmental, Ecological, etc.

•Afrofuturisms and Black Futurities
•Denials of Futurity (e.g. Queer and Nihilist Anarchist critiques)
•Feminist Futurities
•Indigenous Resurgence and Survivance
•Oral/Aural Culture and Storytelling
•Prefigurative Politics and Movements
•Queer Futurities
•Transformative Futures: Anti-Colonial/Decolonial, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-State, Anti-Patriarchal, etc.

•Artistic, Poetic, Literary, Performative, and Fictional Imaginations
•Hegemony, Power, and ‘Truth’
•Methodologies and Research Practices of Remembering and Imagining
•Time and Temporality

Although we frame “Memories and Futurities” in certain ways in this Call for Submissions, we wholeheartedly welcome submissions that diverge from this framing. Features can address diverse ideas around memories, futurities, presents, or any-and-all interconnections of these themes. If you are unsure about whether your work fits the framework of the volume, or if you are interested in joining the UnderCurrents collective, please e-mail us at [] with any questions.

UnderCurrents is a collectively and student-run journal based out of the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto. UnderCurrents explores the relations of environment, culture, and society, and publishes one thematic issue per year. We are committed to publishing a variety of scholarly, creative, and activist work that critically engages with conceptions of the environment.

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