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Book Review Guidelines

Below is the review format for book reviews. Please do not hesitate to contact Please do not hesitate to contact the UnderCurrents Editorial Collective at if you have any questions.

UnderCurrents only publishes favourable book reviews. If you are unable to provide review that is critical but kind, please return your book to the UnderCurrents mailbox in FES reception and we will reassign it or send it back to the publisher.

  • 1000 words limit
  • Arial, 12 font size
  • When quoting text do not cite page numbers or line numbers in your review.
  • Single spaced
  • At the end of your review please append a brief bio (put your name at the beginning in full caps, and the remainder of the bio in regular case).
  • For the format of title and listing of the book, publisher, year and price follow the example below:

    [Title] The Reinvention of the Hand by PAUL VERMEERSCH [full caps for author’s name]M&S, 2009 $29.95

    Reviewed by JANE DOE [full caps for your name]
  • See UnderCurrents submission guidelines for further information on formatting your review.
  • Send the review as a Microsoft Word document attachment to

Thank you for contributing to UnderCurrents. We look forward to reading your review.

To request a book for review:

  • Register as an author with this journal.
  • Log in as an author.
  • Click on the request link that corresponds to the book of interest.